HP Pavilion 782c (US/CAN) firmware download gratis (ver. 100-11)

Op deze pagina kunt u HP Pavilion 782c (US/CAN) firmware voor PC's altijd gratis downloaden.

HP Pavilion 782c (US/CAN) (ver. 100-11) MSZIP beschikbaar 2003.06.19.

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Categorie PC's
Merk HP
Apparaat Pavilion 782c (US/CAN)
Besturingssysteem Firmware
Versie 100-11
Bestands grootte 675 Kb
Bestands type MSZIP
Beschikbaar 2003.06.19
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Firmware for HP Pavilion 782c (US/­CAN) Fixes: Resolves issue with the SMART Offline scan process Prerequisites: Samsung V60 Family of Hard Disk Drives - 60 Gig - SV0602H - 80 Gig - SV0813H - 120 Gig - SV1204H How To Use: 1.­ Download the firmware update.­ 2.­ Double-click SP23908.­exe,­ and then click NEXT.­ 3.­ Accept the license terms,­ and then click NEXT.­ 4.­ Insert a blank (floppy) diskette into the floppy drive.­ 5.­ Click OK to create the update diskette.­ 6.­ After the update diskette is created,­ click OK to continue.­ 7.­ Leave the update diskette in the floppy drive and restart the PC.­ 8.­ As soon as the HP/­Compaq logo screen appears,­ press the ESC (escape) key.­ 9.­ Select "Floppy" from the Select a Boot First Device list on the Boot Menu,­ and then press ENTER.­ 10.­ After the update has been applied,­ remove the diskette from the floppy drive.­ 11.­ Shutdown the PC for at least 30 seconds and then turn it back on to complete the update.­ Compatible devices: P9826A

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